On social networks, Renata Fan opened a textão

It’s nothing new to anyone who follows Renata Fan on social networks and watch the Open game how much the blonde is completely in love with football. Often, the presenter of the Open Game is talking about the subject and proves to be very knowledgeable about the subject.

In this environment, the biggest passion of the famous is Internacional, the team of her heart that entered the field this Sunday (16). The match messed with the blonde’s emotional completely, at least that’s what she confessed in a post on social media.

Through her profile on Instagram, Renata fan released a photo with the Inter shirt and exposed her emotions with the victory. “Stressed. Breathing badly. And sooo relieved! What an ESSENTIAL victory for Inter! 1 × 0 that was worth 3 points away from home, against Botafogo, a team on the rise and Colorado without some holders.”, she wrote in the caption of the post.

“Tomorrow Ronaldo Giovanelli will read the Serie A table again and now let’s date that my pilot Átila Abreu has arrived and luck in the game is over”, completed Renata Fan.

Renata Fan assumes stress - Photo: Reproduction
Renata Fan assumes stress – Photo: Reproduction


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In addition, the presenter shared a photo in the Stories of the same social network, showing her post-game situation. In the click, the blonde appeared lying on the floor. “I! After this very important victory game in Rio de Janeiro! Boy, pure suffocation, liquid and anguish”, said the presenter of Jogo Aberto.

Stories of the presenter - Photo: Reproduction
Stories of the presenter – Photo: Reproduction

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