After the crash of his private plane in a remote part of Canada, Liv, a New York lawyer and sole survivor (carried by Melissa Barrera), must fight against an unforgiving nature and past traumas if she wants a chance to stay alive. This is the synopsis of the American mini-series To breathe (Keep Breathing in original version), consisting of six episodes, created by Martin Gero and Brendan Gall and broadcast on Netflix. In an interview given to varietypublished on Wednesday August 10, Melissa Barrera opened up about a fear she felt while filming: drowning.

An exercise: take deep breaths

“Diving in that water was probably one of the scariest things [que j’aie faites], admitted the actress. Before clarifying shortly after his point of view with the American magazine: “I had this fear of drowning. So, doing all of this has been very therapeutic for me.” To help the actress overcome her phobia, the stunt coordinators gave her breathing exercises to be done before diving. “They always told me to take as many deep breaths as needed, until I felt ready”recalled Melissa Barrera.

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“I don’t like being dirty and having to pee in the woods…”

Like the character she wears on screen in To breatheMelissa Barrera also told variety be a city girl at heart: I am a person who likes having access to a shower and toilet. I also don’t like being dirty and having to pee in the woods…” However, thanks to this filming, she then clarified that she had succeeded in going beyond this trait of her personality!

Available since July 28, the series To breathe quickly ranked in the Top 10 most watched shows on Netflix. This original creation, announced as a mini-series, should not a priori not know right away. However, this would not be the first time that the streaming platform has finally made the decision to extend a series. Especially since many questions remain unanswered: will Liv manage to find a life “normal” after having had such an experience? Will she ever see Danny again? Or, how will his relationship with his mother evolve? So many questions that fans hope to get answers to one day…

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