If you feel like you can’t tone your abs no matter how much you exercise, don’t worry, it’s more common than you think.

It has been shown that it is impossible to reduce fat from a certain area of ​​the body, sports helps, but this is not everything. And the problem may not be the fat deposited in this area, but the gases that cause you bloating. To get a flat stomach, several factors come into play: Food habits, habits… we tell you some such tricks that will change the relationship of your stomach.

chew well and eat slowly

We lead very busy lives and we eat anything and any way, but how we eat is also important. Digestion begins in the mouth, so it is essential to salivate and chew thoroughly before swallowing each bite to facilitate the digestion process.

try to keep stress under control

There are many scientific studies that support that what you eat or your size causes inflammation of the nerves and stress. Stress causes more cortisol to be produced in the blood, which causes fat cells in the abdomen to respond by increasing in size.

watch your currency

Poor posture can hinder digestion and promote abdominal distention. It is important that your back is always very straight, both standing and sitting.

learn to breathe

It seems obvious, but breathing can also help us exercise the abdominal muscles. In addition, researchers from the Val d’Hebron Hospital in Barcelona suggest that good breathing helps us reduce inflammation.

Drawn Woman Touching Her Belly Belly

have a good sleep routine

Melatonin, a hormone that helps you sleep well and controls inflammation, can be changed by computer and mobile screens. Try turning off devices half an hour before bedtime.

drink enough water in a day

Drinking water helps to eliminate toxins and fluids. But not only that, the body can confuse thirst with hunger and consuming extra calories will prevent you from losing weight.

Reduce consumption of ultra-processed

The body is not ready to digest them and for this a lot of hard work has to be done.

eat whole grain carbohydrates

Whole grains increase energy, vitality and are more satiating. In addition, they provide a large amount of fiber and are rich in silicon, a mineral that helps synthesize collagen and prevent stretch marks.

Take care of your intestinal microbiota

It is important that the microorganisms that live in your gut are in balance. You may need intestinal cleansing therapy with antibiotics (these can be natural herbs) and then refill your gut with healthy bacteria. If your gut is healthy, you can introduce probiotic and prebiotic foods, which will help your intestinal biota slowly recover and feel better.

25 Tricks To Get A Flat Stomach

Incorporate Hypopressives into Your Sports Routine

Hypopressive sit-ups help to improve the abdominal muscles, but without putting pressure on the area. In this way, the internal organs do not “push” further and have a flat stomach effect.

Eating fish is better than red meat

Eating a lot of red meat provides saturated fat that activates inflammation. However, the fat present in oily fish works to reduce it. Take it 2 times a week.

Use Anti-Inflammatory Spices in Your Recipes

Curry, turmeric or cinnamon will add a special touch to your dishes and promote the anti-inflammatory process.

Opt for Simple Cooking

Cooking steamed, en papillote, grilled or sautéed helps to make food more digestible because it requires less fat. In addition, some spices such as fennel, thyme, sage or cumin facilitate digestion.

take digestive infusions

Some types of infusion have properties to stand up to gases, fluid retention and love handles. For example, red tea is a great ally for its detoxifying and purifying properties. Helps activate liver function, stimulates biological functions, reduces “bad” cholesterol and fats. In addition, it improves digestion.

Flat Stomach In 3 Steps

isometric abdominal cavity

If you want to mark the abs, it is best to choose isometric exercises, such as planks. With this type of exercise, you use your body weight to tension the muscles, which helps to work the entire transversus abdominis and also the diaphragm, obliques, pelvic floor muscles and even the glutes. And also strengthens the hips.

light dinner

Forget pre-cooked and fried. Vegetable purees and creams are a great option.

Add Oatmeal to Your Diet

Oatmeal helps lower cholesterol and purify the blood, thanks to its properties to hold fat and eliminate toxins.

Caffeine to activate metabolism

Caffeine helps to activate the metabolism, and therefore burns fat. It is one of the most commonly used active ingredients in emollient creams (the maximum concentration is 5%), but it is also effective orally. Of course, take caffeine in small doses so that it doesn’t affect your nerves and sleep.

massage belly

After bathing, massage your stomach with cream. This will promote drainage and the elimination of fluids and toxins.

avoid gas

Eliminate fizzy drinks from your diet and forget about chewing gum. This way you will reduce the gases in the digestive system, one of the reasons why you may feel bloated.

Horizontal Flat Stomach Diet

Be mindful of the way you talk to yourself

Negative emotions cause your body to secrete cortisol, the stress hormone, which is responsible for the accumulation of belly fat.

Use a cream with a heating effect

The heat helps break down fat nodules and stimulates blood circulation, which removes accumulated lipids. So, if you want to raise the skin temperature in a specific area, in this case, apply a body cream with a warm effect on the abdomen, but avoid it if you have sensitive skin or have varicose veins.

Incorporate lemon into your daily life

Lemon is a great cleanser and also has diuretic properties, as the citric acid helps eliminate toxins. Add it to water that you drink between meals or try taking it as an infusion in the morning.

eat a banana a day

It is energizing, very satiating, has almost no fat and being rich in potassium, it helps eliminate fluids and improves circulation.

stay positive

These tips to pamper your belly will all you need to change your approach. You may be surprised to hear, but the human body has two brains, and one of them is in the gut. This will explain the cause of some disorders, such as an episode of diarrhea when you feel nervous.

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