Throughout the day, the mind constantly oscillates between the past and the future. That swing is part of its nature, but at the same time it generates anxiety and stress and ends up making us sick.

Fortunately, there is a simple and affordable way to calm your mind and emotions: conscious breathing.

“Conscious breathing is bringing your attention to our breathing”, he explained. Argentina's Rosalia Burgos, breathing and meditation instructor, in the most recent installment of the virtual segment Listín te Escucha.  

While on the material plane everything requires an effort, Burgos pointed out that that in the plane of the mind the opposite happens, because the mind relaxes when there is no effort. And it is here where breathing and meditation techniques come into play.

“Conscious breathing helps us to bring the mind to the present moment, and when When we are present, the first thing that comes is enjoyment, the feeling of well-being”, he expressed. the volunteer of the El Arte de Vivir Foundation.

According to Burgos, mindful breathing techniques are appropriate for everyone. By spending at least 15 minutes each day, he suggested, the mind will begin to grow. You will feel calmer.

“As a result”, he assured, “you will experience a more present mind, more serene, a happier mind. and a mind that enjoys things more”.

The benefits of this practice do not only reach the person who performs it, but also the environment, because when the person has peace and calm, they are more kind and patient with others.

By integrating conscious breathing as part of daily habits, the individual is less affected by what others do or what happens in their environment. For this reason, the interviewee recommended stop focusing on changing others and start personal transformation by implementing techniques like mindful breathing and guided meditation.

“ do not take care of the other person, you take care of yourself, and, if you start with yourself, you will see that everything else will change”, he concluded. Burgos, who shared He shares with the public a simple conscious breathing technique to relax and counteract anxiety and stress.

Listín te Escucha is a fortnightly segment which is broadcast live on the social networks of the Listín Diario. The space is coordinated and presented by the journalist and psychologist Ricardo Pichardo.

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