Waking up tired and without energy is something more and more common among people and this can be due to a series of causes that range from: little sleep, poor quality of sleep, stress, among others. Regardless of what causes this effect, waking up tired often impacts productivity and mood throughout the day.

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Faced with this situation, it is advisable to adopt habits that contribute to having more energy. Therefore, Natura shares four tips to start the day full of energy:

1. Take a bath

A short bath with cold water in the morning is ideal to activate our body. In addition, it immediately eliminates the feeling of tiredness and helps improve mood, also helping to reduce stress and anxiety levels. We recommend using Tododia grass, lemon and mint bar soaps that gently cleanse the skin of the body and leave it soft and silky. To make the most of this moment, listen to inspiring music, like the following playlist: . We invite you to take a look at this list inspired by these moments of relaxation and curated by the Peruvian artist Clara Yolks.

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2. Practice breathing

Oxygen allows the whole body to function properly and starting the day practicing breathing exercises is ideal for activating our minds. Begin by taking a deep breath and holding it for several seconds; after that, exhale the air and repeat the process five times.

3. Self-massage routine

Massages are a great tool to recharge energy, so performing them at the beginning of the day is an excellent practice. You can start by massaging the area of ​​the head and hands using circular movements. To enhance the energizing effect, you can apply the nourishing body cream that Natura presents, Tododia lemongrass and mint, a formula rich in vegetable oils and a minty ingredient that leaves your skin revitalized, naturally hydrated, with a citrus aroma and ready to start your morning .

4. Use fragrances

The sense of smell can be helpful to recharge energy, to do so, it is enough to use aromas that are stimulating and revitalizing. An excellent option is the grass, lemon and mint body splash from the Tododia line with citrus notes that will help activate you and be ready for the challenges of the day.


With the new Tododia grass, lemon and mint line you can revitalize your skin while its aroma fills you with good energy. To purchase them go to: www.natura.com.pe/


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