NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: Alix Earle has been dominating headlines since appearing in New York Fashion Week recently. The star influencer was also spotted during the US Open tournament, however, it was not the best of time for the 22-year-old.


"I had a little panic attack which I really haven't had in a while," she said in her latest TikTok clip.

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"I'm literally on the floor of the bathroom in the suite. I thought I was going to go home, I thought I was going to have to call 911, I felt like I couldn't breathe," she added.


Alix Earle shares her struggle with anxiety 

Earle has been open about her struggles and, in August too, she talked about mental health.

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“I just want to talk about the fact that [acne is] normal. This time last year I would cry probably three times a day. I did not want to leave my house,” she said.

After her ‘US Open experience,’ the influencer shared a video with a step-by-step plan on how she handled the attack.

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"No 1, and I know this is super hard, but I like to tell someone that I don't feel good, that I'm having anxiety," she begins.

"For example, here I'm with my friend Christian. I was like 'Christian, I'm having really bad anxiety right now. We need to go to the bathroom," she adds.


"It helps to have someone there, you know, that if something does happen to you they'll be be able to get help or do something," she continues.


What does Alix Earle do to calm herself down?

The next thing she tries to calm herself is ‘breathing exercises.’ Earle explains she would “breathe in for four seconds, hold it for five or six seconds, and then breathe out for six seconds. I'll repeat that a few times. That helps calm your nervous system and get into a better headspace."

The popular influencer tries different ways to distract herself once she feels a bit relaxed. "You will just go through this rabbit hole in your head freaking out so you need to, as hard as it is, just find something else,” Earle explains, as per People.


Earle adds, "I just wanted to make this video because I was able to get myself out of that headspace, and we stayed and we had a great time. Years before when something like this would happen to me, I would usually end up just leaving."


"So that's what helps me, so if you're dealing with anxiety I hope that helps you," she ends.

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