You may already be loading up on vitamin C whenever you're feeling under the weather. The good thing is that according to research, eating your favorite vitamin C-rich foods may have additional benefits. 

Per a review published in Nutrition Reviews, vitamin C's antioxidant properties may help with your asthma symptoms in multiple ways. For starters, it supports the hydration of airway surfaces, which facilitates breathing. In addition, by scavenging and reducing free radicals, vitamin C helps prevent the harmful effects of oxidative stress, which are known to worsen asthma symptoms.

Luckily, vitamin C is present in numerous fruits and vegetables. So, if you want to switch up your typical citrus fruits for other equally delicious, vitamin C-rich foods, try adding the following to your list the next time you go grocery shopping: bell peppers, tomato juice, strawberries, papaya, broccoli, pineapple, Brussel sprouts, kiwi, mangoes, cantaloupe, cabbage, potatoes, spinach, and cauliflower (via the National Institutes of Health).

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