Have you been wondering why you feel back pains anytime you're stressed. Well, experts have discovered that stress can lead to inflammation, muscle spasms and tension in your back. People who already have back pains often have a hard time dealing with stress as it worsens the pains.

So if you're wondering how stress and back pains connects, the answers are in this article. Research shows that chronic stress results in chronic pains which includes back pains. In this article, I'll like to enlighten you on how stress causes back pains according to Healthline.

1. Muscle tension. Stress can cause the muscles in your back to feel tense, causing stiffness and pains. Stress makes your body more sensitive to pain.

2. Chronic stress can lead to inflammation throughout the body including in the back, which can cause pains

3. When you're stressed, your breathing patterns change and your shoulders hunch up, which can lead to strain and tension in your middle and upper back causing pains

4. Stress reduces blood flow in the body by constricting your blood vessels and reducing blood flow to your back muscles. This results in pains.

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