Given how Keep Breathing finishes in the 6th episode, it would be fair for you to think about how this story could proceed. Be that as it may, is Keep Breathing season 2 a genuine chance at Netflix?

I wouldn’t let your imagination run wild for this story to proceed. Keep Breathing is charged as a limited series, implying that the six episodes of the endurance show now accessible on the stage are most likely all that we’ll at any point get from this specific story.

However, these days the expression “limited series” doesn’t hold a lot of importance, taking into account how normal it is for organizations and makers to keep narrating on the off chance that a show is sufficiently effective. As to the new show featuring Melissa Barrera, the chances don’t appear to be in that frame of mind to keep going.

Keep Breathing season 2 renewal status

As of the present moment, Keep Breathing has not been dropped or restored by Netflix. As referenced above, it doesn’t appear to be possible that the show will get a second season except if it gets momentous viewership numbers. Be that as it may, and still, at the end of the day, it seems like a very close, open-and-end story.

What could Keep Breathing season 2 be about?

Liv gives off an impression of being protected toward the finish of the season and we likewise see a brief look at what life could resemble for her in the future as she has her child with Danny. On the off chance that the show returned, maybe we would get to perceive how Liv will be as a mother. We could perceive how she manages her leftover injury from her mom leaving her and maybe even meet her mother face to face in the present.

There is likewise space for this show to be a collection series with someone else caught in a critical circumstance that drives them to return to dimness from quite a while ago.

Will there be a second season Keep Breathing season 2? Everything you need to know

Keep Breathing Ending Explained

By the fourth episode, after attempting to accumulate necessities like food, water, and haven by repeating lifelong recollections that assist and thwart a clever Liv, she climbs through the forest looking for the light she saw the prior night. From the beginning, she attempts to simply walk straight toward the light.
Yet, she keeps returning to the area she had previously strolled through. Thusly, she returns to the base area to consider a superior method for arriving, rather than going around and around. She recollects how they were educated to make a compass in the young lady scouts club with an attractive needle, stopper, and water.

Fortunately, Liv keeps the small-scale sewing unit in her wallet and takes a needle, a froth stopper, and places it in the jug loaded up with water however it doesn’t work. Then, at that point, she recalls that the needle should be charged yet where will she track down a magnet in the woods? She finds it in Sam’s watch and the needle works impeccably as a compass.

The following day, she takes generally her stuff with sufficient food and water and gets on her way. Be that as it may, the gear is excessively weighty so keeps on dumping the stuff out of it to make the sack light and imprint her track also. However, halfway she understands that the needle has lost its attractive strength when she returns to the track with her possessions.

All of a sudden, a plane appears to fly over her head as an encouraging sign, Liv likewise begins pursuing it to stand out however rather falls into a buckled opening under the ground. She gets harmed and a major stone falls on her too. Sneaking all through cognizance, a caught Liv should choose whether to keep battling for endurance or just let go.

Because of her perseverance, she can escape the stone snare yet spooky by her mom’s dreams she attempts to end her own life. However, Liv isn’t similar to her mom, and on second thought to taking the pill, she discards it and lo and views, it as an exit plan like a cavern. Be that as it may, it opens up at a level, and if somebody tumbles from that point, it very well may be destructive.
She attempts to move out yet tumbles from the level and harms herself more. She awakens with a messed up rib confine and hyper-extended lower leg, and still, at the end of the day she chomps her teeth and gets up to stroll in that state. After strolling some time she hears a few clamors that sound like vehicles yet ends up being an intensely streaming waterway.

Liv sits at its bank and is at long last chatted with the dreams of her dad who control the center and solace her swollen self. She then takes a log and hurls herself entirely into the streaming water, leaving the destiny of her life on it. Because of the violent flow and cold water, Liv is by all accounts missing out on cognizance.

Luckily, two individuals close by saw her in the stream and salvaged her out of the water. At the same time, we get looks at a pregnant Liv starting to give birth with Danny close by. Is it Liv’s thought process in her last minutes or her future? Heroes attempt to revive and her eyes open up just before the camera slices to dark, and that’s what the crowd knows, despite everything, Liv has made due.

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