• Researchers studied bears to understand why they don't get thrombosis while remaining motionless for long periods.
  • The scientists found a special mechanism in the blood of the bears that explains this ability.
  • This mechanism is shared among other mammals.

Hibernation is one of the most extraordinary traits of bears and yet, not all bears possess that feature. However, bears with the ability to hibernate spend months without moving, with few active bodily functions other than breathing.

They don’t eat or drink and their heart rate and other metabolic functions slow down. Although it can be risky, it helps the bears to get through long periods including winters when food is usually scarce.

What’s more, despite the bears laying motionless for extended periods, they don’t seem to get blood clots.

Usually, prolonged stillness causes health to deteriorate in individuals, for instance, those experiencing lengthy flights or immobility due to being bedridden for long periods can attest to it.

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