Recently, the song Dreaming world – Vietnameseized version of Part of your world – movie theme song Mermaid The live-action has just been released, making Vietnamese audiences very excited. Ariel Vietnam’s emotional and powerful voice quickly captured the attention of fans. Publisher The little mermaid officially announced the person singing the soundtrack and voicing the mermaid Ariel in Vietnamese version is Nguyen Duyen Quynh.

Singer Duyen Quynh appeared gorgeous on the red carpet The little mermaid

She was born in 1990, once won music contests such as Love Storyteller, Twin Star Shine... Duyen Quynh has also voiced many popular Disney animated films. Typically songs Together again, Live high in Frozen (Frozen), Please don’t talk about Bruno nice How about doing it differently? in Encanto: Magical Land.

Duyen Quynh confessed that she was very happy and happy to be able to voice and sing for the mermaid Ariel character, as well as to collaborate with Dat Phi Media crew is a great joy in her singing career. Above all, the female singer is also one of the loyal audience of Disney works. Therefore, being “chosen” by Disney herself for the role of Ariel in the Vietnamese version after casting brought her many unforgettable emotions, both pride and pressure.

To be trusted with this special role, Duyen Quynh has gone through a journey of constant efforts. The female singer revealed that because this is a special project, she had to pass 2 rigorous selection rounds along with 20 other big and small candidates. Being selected for her is like a great gift after a hard working journey. “For a kid who hasn’t gone through any dub training, being cast as the lead in a childhood movie by almost everyone in the world is really hard to describe. I myself cannot describe the happiness and joy, “said the female singer.

Duyen Quynh caused a fever when dubbing and singing the soundtrack of the movie

Duyen Quynh overcame many strong candidates to be chosen to voice Ariel

Duyen Quynh caused a fever when dubbing and singing the soundtrack of the movie

Duyen Quynh revealed that she is the oldest candidate in the list of voice actors for casting

Duyen Quynh said on the casting day, she was the oldest candidate on the list, which is also a great pressure that the singer had to overcome because Ariel’s role was quite young. The female singer confided, “The happy and introspective parts of the original used a low tone and muted sound a lot, but in the dramatic part, the tone was very high, so I had a hard time keeping the spirit of a singer. girls aged 16-17, but must also keep the voice color consistent with the original. I performed this role very carefully in every word, voice color, breath, pause, twist to match the original best while still keeping the emotional circuit and still clear Vietnamese,” she said. disclosure.

With her efforts, Duyen Quynh completely convinced the CEO of the Disney unit when expressing the Ariel spirit that they wanted. In the role of music director, Mr. Bui Truong Giang said that Duyen Quynh did well with the role of singing and dubbing. He, including Disney representatives in the US and in Asia, chose Duyen Quynh among many other candidates because of her deep voice. “The character shows a lot more intensity, depth and strength than the old version, so I think Disney’s choice of Quynh can’t be biased,” he said.

Duyen Quynh caused a fever when dubbing and singing the soundtrack of the movie

Duyen Quynh has a unique voice that is bold in musicals

Duyen Quynh said that in this live action version, the script has changed so that Ariel’s character is stronger and more personal, and the voice of the female lead Halle Bailey has also followed that direction. So in the process of dubbing and singing, Duyen Quynh was forced to stick to the criteria and requirements of the producer.

In the past days, when the audio version of Duyen Quynh’s voice sang the soundtrack The little mermaid published with mixed opinions. Some people appreciate the singer’s voice, but there are also opinions that she doesn’t fit the image of a young girl. Before these conflicting opinions, Duyen Quynh frankly: “The singing part is my strength, so it’s easier than the dialogue, but the difficulty is to show the musical quality of a strong 16-17-year-old girl and Likes to discover new things, ready to plunge into dangerous places, the voice in this version is not just a baby voice like the animated versions, but also brings more thorns, strength in breathing and sentences. from”.


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