A key way cycling is different from other forms of exercise is its impact. Rather than being an exercise requiring your body to carry more of its own weight, particularly on the joints, biking allows for a great cardiovascular workout without so much physical toll. For many, exercises that put more exertion on the joints can be painful and at times even damaging. The American Public Health Association explained in their publication, The Nation's Health, that low-impact exercise like cycling provides the same benefits of higher-impact exercises, such as running, without as much risk.

Jacque Crockford, MS, CSCS, one of the American Council on Exercise's certified personal trainer and exercise physiology content managers, explained to The Nation's Health that low-impact workouts reduce your risk of musculoskeletal injury. Because it's safer, low-impact exercise is recommended for virtually everyone, even those with underlying issues that affect the joints like arthritis, as well as those who are pregnant.

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