On a Friday morning in late February, Ken Walsh and his wife, Nicole, sat on their couch in East Brunswick, New Jersey, having coffee and talking about weekend plans.

Their dog, Indiana, a 6-month-old Australian Shepherd mix, sat on the floor at Ken's feet. She was a happy, friendly dog who loved walks. She was especially attached to Ken, often curling up by the door after he left for work.

The morning chat lasted so long that Nicole realized she was running late for work. She jumped up to finish getting ready.

On her way out of the room, she heard Indiana uncharacteristically growl and whimper.

She turned around to see Ken seemingly making funny faces at the dog. Then she realized that Ken was shaking. His jaw was clenched. His eyes fluttered but he didn't appear to see anything. She thought he might be having a seizure.

Nicole called 911.

Ken, 31, had gone into cardiac arrest. He was no longer breathing.

Nicole cried as she waited. Indiana curled up in a corner and stayed quiet.

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