According to a report from WDEF, Chattanooga (TN) Fire Department (CFD) Battalion Chief Brandon Schroyer and several bystanders and CFD firefighters saved an elderly man’s life after the man suffered cardiac arrest at a middle school football game Thursday night.

Chattanooga Fire Department/Twitter
Chattanooga Fire Department/Twitter

The 74-year-old man was in the bleachers at the Boyd Buchanan football game Thursday night when he suffered the episode. Bystanders then called 911 and began giving the man CPR.

On arrival to the scene, Schroyer took over CPR. Schroyer then used an AED to shock the man several times. As a result, the man’s pulse and breathing continued.

A medic arrived and transported the victim to the hospital. Chattanooga firefighters said the man was conscious on arrival at the hospital. The CFD has since stated the man was “doing well.”


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