As much as it can be scary, it is essential to remember that training and preparing your kids for emergencies is necessary. 

It mentally prepares them for any unforeseen circumstances, but it also allows them to live in power and not in fear. 

This story shook us up when it comes to being prepared for any emergency. 

A 911 call recording of a five-year-old named Savannah, who was calling to ask for help because her father was experiencing difficulty breathing, reminded us that kids are pretty attentive and capable. 

It's us as parents that don't want to concern them with serious things from a young age. But the truth is, we are actually not empowering them if we don't prepare them for an emergency. 

Savannah was definitely prepared and it showed in her conversational skills with the 911 operator. 

Take a listen to the conversation below, courtesy of TikTok

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