When you're pushed for time, a training session that caters to your performance endeavours as well as your more *ahem* aesthetic swole goals is what most people are after. But satisfying those disparate fitness needs in one training programme can be a tricky task. Don't worry though because MH Elite coach Scott Britton is here to prescribe a workout that ticks all the cardiovascular and muscle building boxes.

Begin with 30% of your deadlift one-rep max on the bar and start chipping away at 20 reps. After this, load up the the bar to 60% of your one-rep max for 10 reps. Britton explains, 'Breathing is key here. Focus on breathing at the bottom of each rep, and keep it more relaxed due to the light weight.' As you add weight, 'Brace for 10 seconds. This will feel a struggle under fatigue, so big belly breath before each rep,' he adds.

The Workout

5 rounds for quality. Britton recommends, 'Have a good 3-5 minutes rest between sets to be as explosive as possible.'

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Deadlift x 20 reps at 30% of your one-rep max, followed by 10 reps at 60% of your one-rep max

Hinge down with a flat back and grasp the bar with an overhand grip. With a straight back and braced core, drive your feet into the ground and pull your torso up. Thrust your hips forward to stand up, keeping the bar as close to your body as possible. Reverse and repeat.

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Squat Jumps x 10 reps

Slowly bend at the knees into a full squat position. Explosively jump upward, upon landing control your descent and slowly return to the squat position. Britton recommends completing these at 'max height'.

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Lat Pull Down / Banded Lat Pull Down x 20 reps

Take a seat beneath your band or bar. Grip it with both hands and manoeuvre backwards until there is some tension on the band or cable, even when your arms are fully stretched. Keeping your shoulders down and back, draw your elbows down, squeezing your shoulder blades hard at the bottom. Slowly return to full stretch and repeat. Britton recommends to complete 'slow purposeful reps with a wide grip. Don't lean back into these, stay upright and keep your chest high.'

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