If you like to feed your animals from the table. Please take note. These Christmas food are toxic for pets.

This advice is from the health specialists at OurFitPets. You or your guests might be tempted to treat pets to leftovers. However, not all foods are treats. They are more like tricks. Some can make your pets seriously ill.

feeding dogs

Be mindful of what table scraps you feed your pets this holiday. Some are actually toxic to them.

What do to if food toxic for pets gets consumed

First of all, if you know your dog ate half of the turkey, don’t wait for him/her to get sick. Call your vet right away. Take note of the time and if can, try to determine how much was consumed. You know when you are sick and think, “maybe if I just make myself throw up” I’ll get it out and feel better. Don’t try that trick with your dog or cat. It could make things worse.

Next, you should know the symptoms. It’s possible you didn’t see your pet get into something they should not have. You probably pay enough attention to them to know if they are not feeling well. However, here are a few things to look for.

Signs of chocolate poisoning include vomiting, a more excitable mood or muscle twitching. In addition, elevated heart rate or breathing, tremors or twitching. Certain nuts can also cause vomiting, tremors and raised body temperature for up to two days. Allium poisoning can come from some vegetables. Symptoms include diarrhea, stomach pain, fatigue and weakness. 

When you serve food, it might be a good idea to keep pets away from the kitchen, in a separate room. Not all of your guests might be as cautious as you. Finally, keep that chocolate out of reach. These candies often hang on trees or sit on tables as advent calendars and are no good for your furry friends.

Here is the list of Christmas foods that are toxic for pets.

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