Sleep as we know is essential for good physical and mental health. A lot happens during REM (rapid eye movement) sleep phase is especially magical and crucial deterrent of dreaming, problem solving, while synthesizing memories and knowledge. The science of sleep is intriguing as scientists haven’t yet unraveled the mystery of how this strange state of consciousness works. Sleep is the only state during which breathing, and heart rate decelerate, and your muscles relax, and your body temperature drops and your brain waves get slower. Sleep is a miracle that enables your body to repair bones and muscles, strengthens your immunity and releases hormones, while restoring the lost energy. In this time, where everyone is bearing the brunt of a fast-paced life, let’s take a step back and acknowledge the importance of a good and sound sleep and what enables better sleep and pledge allegiance to it.

While there is an interplay of physical and psychological factors to enable better sleep, what is unacceptable is ignoring the holy grail of good sleep – GOOD MATTRESS. Not using the right mattress is making matters worse while craving for a good snooze.

So, let’s first identify the important signs that indicate you are using a bad mattress and you need an upgrade:

Frequent body aches are the order of the day

Experts already advise people with pre-existing back conditions to use special orthopedic mattresses that support their conditions. Even if you don’t suffer from chronic pain, it doesn’t mean you should not preemptively give your body the comfort it deserves. Experiencing frequent pain in your back, legs, neck or spine is a direct signal from your body to you that you should buy a new mattress.

Incorrect usage depending upon your age

Your body reacts differently to your surroundings depending on how old you are. Have you ever heard your grandparents complain that they are finding it difficult to get out of bed? Sure, it’s the old age and declining energy levels, but it also depends on what kind of mattress they’re using to sleep on and if they’re sleeping comfortably. Older people usually prefer mattresses that are more firm and prevent sinking.

You’re using an excessively soft or a very firm mattress

For optimum comfort, the mattress should be firm enough to support the weight of the people using it. Firmness or softness depends on the material, density, and the make of the product. Always explore what works the best for you. Many brands offer flip mattresses with dual benefits with high-density foam on one surface and a comfort layer on the other side, which makes it supportive and soft.

Your mattress is too bouncy

If your mattress is too bouncy, it may become problematic, especially when sharing it with a family member. Their body movement may be disturbing your sleep at night. Your mattress should be smart, seamlessly adapting to any body shape, providing personalized comfort and orthopedic support based on each body’s weight, height and sleep position. Memory foam can isolate and absorb any movement on the mattress to achieve a desirable zero-motion transfer. Now you won’t be disturbed by your partner’s movements while you sleep.

You find it hard to fall asleep

No, it isn’t always insomnia. Sometimes, it can boil down to something very basic yet vital: the comfort and support that your mattress and pillows offer. Your sleeping habits are a result of a number of other factors as well, ranging from your lifestyle, your job, the weather, your diet, physical activity, existing medical conditions, and your surroundings, and, of course, that cell phone that we all refuse to keep away. Not everything out of the mentioned factors can be controlled, but making an informed decision by choosing a good quality mattress goes a long way.

Your mattress is sagging

If your mattress is not in the same shape as it was in the initial few years of purchase, it is time to let go of it and buy a new one. The age of the existing mattress you are using is also worth noting, especially when you have used it for over 8 years. We tend to grow into the constant discomfort of the old mattress and only get to know what we are missing once we buy a new one.

If these signs seem familiar to you it’s time to switch to a new mattress which meets our ideal size requirements, comfort, age, and price. And even if you are not able to decide after spending 5 minutes in a retail store, buy a mattress that comes with a 100-night trial period.

There are many things to worry about in life, but being able to sleep on it will definitely help clear your mind!


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