The upcoming iPhone 15 could be heavily AI-oriented and pave the way for Apple’s plans to push the use of AI in the near future. Its phone users could launch a much different and more powerful version of the Health app in iOS 17, which could give us suggestions about when and what to eat.

According to industry expert Dan Ives, Apple will emphasize the role of Artificial Intelligence in the iPhone 15. They will not be the only ones, of course. The Alphabet company, the conglomerate in which Google is currently located, not only launched Bard, but has also implemented the use of AI in its Tensor processor, which is found in the latest Pixel devices.

And what exactly does the Health app have to do with AI? AI in the form of machine learning is already in iOS, specifically in the Siri app, which almost everyone will know about. There is also a new keyboard with improved automatic correction, based on machine learning (thanks to the capabilities of the processor).

According to Ives, “it’s only a matter of time before Apple aggressively approaches artificial intelligence,” and the iPhone 15 could take the first steps in that direction.

It also hints that the integration of AI in the Health app will change the current landscape a lot. After enough time and the number of interactions between the user and the machine, the AI ​​could provide personalized recommendations about a person’s daily life.

For example, how and when to exercise, or even suggest a diet. These AI-made plans would be based on information collected, such as heart rate, sleep, and breathing data.

Ives also suggests that Cupertino’s brand creation could get to know its user in depth. For example, to understand when you’re happy, angry, or sad (or all three emotions at once, if you’re on an emotional roller coaster).

This could be possible on the iPhone 15 with tracking of a user’s speech and/or text messages. As always, there will be two types of users, those who may have a certain paranoia about the matter and those who understand it as something normal in the process of technology evolution.

Those who have a device running iOS 17 could also have the chance to give Apple their voice. It is expected that a function called ‘Personal Voice’ will be present in the operating system, which would allow us to digitize our voice and use it whenever we want.

You only have to talk to the device for 15 minutes, simply with that time the machine will be ready to sound just like us.

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