ChatGPT is considered the most advanced chatbot in the world to date.
picture alliance/dpa/Jiji Press Photo/Morio Taga

Finding a new idea for an innovative and profitable business model usually requires a lot of creativity and ingenuity. This is exactly where the threshold between human thinking and artificial intelligence used to be – but with every new development this border seems to blur more and more.

Recently, the new chatbot ChatGPT from the US company OpenAI caused a stir. The most advanced program of its kind to date impresses with almost human-sounding answers and even passes university exams. But how does the tool fare when it comes to innovative business ideas? We did the test and asked ChatGPT for their top ten startup ideas.

1. A personalized biometric sleep system

The program’s first proposal: A system that would “use various technologies such as sensors, AI, and machine learning to analyze and understand the user’s sleep patterns and needs.” For example, the user’s heart rate, breathing and movement could be monitored and conclusions drawn about sleep needs and comfort.

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