The next generation of Apple’s smartwatch will include these health news.

Apple Watch Series 10 will introduce new health features

It seems unbelievable but there are already going to be ten updates regarding the evolution of Apple’s smart watch. And according to rumors, the tenth generation of the Apple Watch will incorporate a series of health functions very interesting. Mark Gurman has advanced since Bloomberg that the Apple Watch Series 10 will have blood pressure monitoring and sleep apnea detection.

The new health features of the Apple Watch Series 10 will presumably land in 2024 with the successors to the Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2.

What’s new for Apple Watch Series 10

Apple knows that health is one of the most important categories of its smartwatch. A product capable of improving your health and saving lives is a product that sells well and hence its ambitions to include new health features in its Apple Watch year after year.

Mark Gurman has highlighted the introduction of a technology to monitor blood pressure or blood pressure on the Apple Watch Series 10 and the arrival of the detection of the Sleep apnea.

In theory, the sensor to measure blood pressure will also detect hypertension. Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder in which breathing stops and starts on several occasions while a person is sleeping. Some of the symptoms are snoring and signs of fatigue throughout the day.

The Apple Watch Series 10 system will be designed to inform users if their blood pressure is rising and will offer information about what you were doing when it happened. To avoid misdiagnosis, the blood pressure monitoring function will refer users to their primary care doctor or to check their blood pressure through a traditional cuff or blood pressure monitor.

A future version of this system, which is currently in development, will offer readings with more precise numbers and other conditions related to the diagnosis.

As for the sleep apnea detection feature, the Apple Watch Series 10 and Apple Watch Ultra 3 will use the breathing patterns of each user to estimate if someone has this condition, sending patients to the doctor.

On the other hand, it has been rumored that future versions of the Apple Watch will include a non-invasive glucose sensor. This system would consist of a photonic chip capable of receiving data through the illumination of a laser on the skin of the users to determine the concentration of glucose in the body.

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