Trusted training and education resource for DOT-certified medical professionals to offer the necessary training to allow labs to perform new DOT-approved oral fluid drug testing.

Since its founding in 2010, TeamCME has created a nationwide network of certified medical professionals to provide Department of Transportation (DOT) physicals and testing. Their unique combination of certification and educational resources provides these providers with the most up-to-date training and information. In response to the DOT’s recent decision to allow oral fluid drug testing, TeamCME will offer the requisite training and education to help labs and medical offices implement this new testing method in their facilities.

For TeamCME’s extensive network of certified medical professionals, staying current on DOT rules and regulations is paramount. The company offers training courses to help doctors, chiropractors, physician assistants, and other medical providers become certified or recertified as DOT-certified medical examiners. Once certified, providers can become members, get their own page, and receive referrals from TeamCME. The company also offers training for medical support staff, including medical examiner administrative assistant (MEAA), DOT-accredited drug test specimen collector, and accredited breath alcohol technician training courses.

“I am excited to announce that training for oral fluid drug testing is on the horizon at TeamCME,” stated Co-CEO and Chief Medical Officer for TeamCME, Dr. Jeffrey Carlson, “For decades, the standard in drug tests has been a urine test, and we have trained many medical professionals in this type of testing. Switching to an oral specimen is an exciting development as it will inevitably prove more convenient and hygienic for drivers and medical staff.”

Beginning on June 2, 2023, the DOT will begin accepting drug test results using oral fluid samples. While this new method is acceptable to the DOT, companies will still have the option of requiring employees to test via urinalysis. Employers may also choose to vary the method of testing they use. Thus, training with TeamCME in both collection and testing methods will be valuable skills for labs that regularly perform drug testing.

“Our goal at TeamCME is to provide medical professionals with all the tools they need to perform DOT physicals,” remarked Carlson. “When the DOT updates the rules, regulations, or processes involved, we immediately revise the training and resources we offer to keep our clients’ practices abreast of these changes and prepare them to respond to these changes. Oral fluid drug testing is an exciting new development that we believe providers will quickly embrace.”

To learn more about the DOT training courses offered through TeamCME or to sign up for an accredited drug testing course, call 541-276-6032 or visit

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TeamCME is where commercial drivers go to find a local clinic for a DOT Physical or Drug and Alcohol Test. They also train medical professionals to become Certified Medical Examiners so they can provide DOT Physical Exams.

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