Anyone who still has associated symptoms later than four weeks after a corona infection suffers from Long-Covid.

Anyone who still has associated symptoms later than four weeks after a corona infection suffers from Long-Covid.Image: dpa central image / Sebastian Kahnert

05/16/2022, 19:3505/16/2022, 19:36

The Federal Government’s Corona Expert Council is pushing for more help for people with long-term consequences of a Covid infection. Some clinics are now offering long and post-Covid outpatient clinics or rehabilitation programs, according to a statement by the panel published on Monday. In view of the increasing number of patients, “the current range of care is far from sufficient”.

Poor communication at Long/Post-Covid

Another challenge is “that the limited scientific knowledge leads to insufficient communication on the subject of long/post-Covid”.according to the unanimously adopted opinion. This leads to gaps in knowledge, ignorance and uncertainty among the population. “Insufficient education and training of persons at risk, those affected and caregivers harbor a high risk of serious illnesses, incorrect care and stigmatization.”

Rehabilitation can help with long-Covid.

Rehabilitation can help with long-Covid.Image: dpa / Sebastian Gollnow

The expert council continues to write that it is urgently necessary to establish nationwide care structures for those affected of all age groups. This included networks of trained physicians, specialist outpatient clinics and rehabilitation clinics.

In addition, research must be expanded and promoted, and centers for clinical studies should also be established – for the testing of already approved and new drugs or treatment methods.

Not all Corona-affected people recovered quickly

While most of those affected recover quickly after surviving the corona infection, some suffer from long-lasting complications. If symptoms associated with an infection persist later than four weeks, this is currently summarized under the generic term Long Covid.

Long-Covid patients doing breathing training.

Long-Covid patients doing breathing training.Image: dpa / Friso Gentsch

In October 2021, the World Health Organization (WHO) defined a sub-type of long-term consequences as a post-Covid condition, in which symptoms that cannot be explained otherwise persist three months after the SARS-CoV-2 infection and lead to relevant restrictions in everyday life. Post-Covid can be accompanied by a variety of physical, cognitive and psychological symptoms.

So far, it is largely unclear what causes Long Covid. Possible causes currently being researched include ongoing inflammatory responses, autoimmune responses, vascular changes and residual virus components.


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