Members of the Polaris Dawn crew moved ahead with their training for their spaceflight which is scheduled for later this year. In the latest leg of preparations, the four-membered team underwent medical training to deal with any mishap that may occur during their stay in space.

Under the Polaris Dawn mission, which is part of the Polaris Program, four astronauts will launch to the highest-ever Earth orbit and spend up to five days in space. 

Taking to Twitter, Anna Menon, one of the crew members appointed as the medical officer on Polaris Dawn, updated about the training she and her teammates underwent. According to Menon, this past week was dedicated to immersive medical training of ABCs also called Airway, Breathing and Circulation assessments. During the week, the astronauts performed patient assessments, practised using ultrasound, simulated their responses to medical issues they could possibly encounter during spaceflight and practised procedures they would need for crew support.

Apart from Anna Menon, the team of Polaris Dawn includes Jared Isaacman, Scott Poteet, and Sarah Gillis. Isaacman, who has previously flown with SpaceX during the Inspiration4 mission last November will command the next one, whereas Poteet and Gillis will serve as the pilot and mission specialist, respectively. Tap here to read all about the crew. 

Polaris Dawn training so far

Prior to the medical training, the Dawn crew has completed mountain climbing and scuba diving sessions in the last few weeks. The team recently scaled three volcanos within a week in Ecuador to strengthen their physical and mental endurance. In addition to this, the four astronauts also underwent scuba sessions which would help them during the first-ever commercial spacewalk. Scuba training is extremely helpful as underwater conditions on Earth are one of the best ways to recreate the isolation and weightlessness of living and working in space.

The Polaris Dawn is the first of three planned spaceflights and will see the astronauts launch to the highest-ever Earth orbit. During Polaris Dawn, the astronauts will spend five days in orbit and test several new technologies including the first Starlink laser-based communications in space and new spacesuits. 

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