A horse on a property near McConnell Air Force Base on Woodlawn Blvd. was rescued after finding himself nearly fully submerged in mud.

Sedgwick County emergency crews and Butler County rescue were quick to respond and found the horse, named Chrome, still breathing but struggling.

"He was pretty fatigued and definitely in need of assistance getting out," said Co-Coordinator of Butler County Animal Rescue Janell Jessup. "So we deployed our rescue trailer and equipment and Sedgwick County assisted in getting the horse glides and getting him up out of the ravine."

Jessica Hodes, who owns a veterinary clinic, was also called to make sure Chrome's health was in check while he was being pulled out.

"We did a brief but urgent exam making sure his temperature was stable, making sure he was able to breathe well, making sure his heart rate was stable and so far he's been pretty good."

After hours of work, Chrome was free of the mud shortly before Tuesday evening.

Our cameras caught the moment he was finally able to stand up.

Chrome's owner Matt Menges had many people to thank.

"The fire department, the vets, everybody, thank you so much. I got my boy back!"

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