Smartwatches are increasingly becoming our medical companions. You can read many of our body’s values ​​and analyze the results. Samsung wants to take the next step in 2024 and detect sleep apnea with its Galaxy smartwatches. In the best case scenario, this can save your life.

Samsung integrates sleep apnea detection into smartwatches

Smartwatches from Samsung can not only measure the heartbeat, but can now also create an ECG or display blood pressure. The various data that is collected throughout the day when worn can be analyzed in detail and conclusions drawn from it. An important function will be added in 2024. Samsung wants to integrate sleep apnea detection (Those: SamMobile).

Sleep apnea is one of them quite dangerous breathing disorder, which occurs during sleep. If, in the worst case scenario, you stop breathing several times, your body is not receiving enough oxygen. The result is increased blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases. People who suffer from sleep apnea also have an increased risk of having a heart attack. If the risk is recognized early, you can seek advice from an ear, nose and throat doctor.

Samsung has developed a smartwatch for detecting sleep apnea first received medical approval in South Korea. The function should land on the Galaxy Watch 5 (test) and Galaxy Watch 6 in 2024. The symptoms are recognized by the oxygen saturation in the blood, which the watches can measure.

In the video we introduce you to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6:

New function also in Germany?

Functions such as the ECG and similar medical measurement procedures must go through certain approval procedures in each country. Only then can they be used in smartwatches in the respective countries. This is how it was with the ECG back then and will probably also be the case with sleep apnea detection in the future. Depending on how exactly Samsung’s measurement works, there should hardly be anything standing in the way of approval in Germany. Maybe we’ll see the new feature in the upcoming Galaxy Watch 7 and as an update for the older watches. We will keep you up to date.

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