When a baby is lost, the joy of having one is short-lived. Even worse, some infants don't even get sick before they pass away unexpectedly. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is the sad name for this occurrence, which has been identified as one of the leading causes of infant mortality.

Although the parents of these infants shouldn't be held responsible for their deaths, occasionally their negligence may have contributed to this tragedy. To avoid bad outcomes, new mothers need to be taught how to properly care for their infants. According to the Mayo Clinic, I'd like to inform you about the causes of some newborns' abrupt deaths in this article.

1. Family history. The risk of a baby dying suddenly is increased if there is SIDS in the family. Sudden Infant Deaths Syndrome (SIDS) can run in families so parents from such a family need to be more cautious

2. sleeping pattern. It is improper for your baby to share your bed with your parents. That child is at a very high danger of suffocating from lack of air. Because these positions can make it harder for babies to breathe, they shouldn't sleep on their stomachs or their sides.

3. An underweight baby. Some newborns are born too soon, which increases their risk of passing away quickly, either because they haven't fully developed or because they can't control vital survival processes like breathing and heart rate.

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