A key selling point of the 2nd-gen Nest Hub is Soli-powered sleep tracking, and Google is now updating how respiration data is shown on the device.

Soli can track your overnight respiration rate (RPM), or the average number of breaths you take per minute, and whether/how your breathing rate varied.

The Nest Hub Day tab now shows a new Respiration summary tile that provides a summary of your breathing rate, cough count, and snoring duration. You can switch to a full Weekly Respiration summary from here, or via the Wellness tab.

Google is using a new badge at the top of the summary to show when data was last updated, while there’s a new “Why this matters” button to learn more.

The 2nd-gen Nest Hub arrived in March 2021 and saw a big update that November to add sleep stages (Awake, REM, Light, and Deep) and snore detection. It has otherwise remained the same since launch.

Meanwhile, Google keeps delaying when it will make Sleep Sensing require a Fitbit Premium subscription. The preview is currently free through 2023, with the capability still not integrated and syncing to Google Fit. The idea is that pairing with a wrist-worn tracker provides heart rate and combines for more accurate data, especially around body movement.

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