WHEN you are pregnant — and after you’ve had your baby — your body changes.

One common change is diastasis recti, which is also known as abdominal separation or “mum tum”.

This can cause you to still look pregnant long after you’ve given birth.

As the baby grows, the connective tissue down the midline of the body thins and widens and each side of the abdominal muscles separate further away.

After pregnancy and with time the gap reduces, but sometimes people need help to strengthen fully.

Strengthening the midline is important because any weakness in this area will reduce the overall strength of your core, breathing pattern and pelvic floor.

This can be the cause of back pain, leaking and a “mummy tummy”.

Careful exercise will help but areas of tension or scarring in the body and breathing patterns need addressing too.

I help postnatal women restore their core strength by combining hands-on massage therapy and a bespoke exercise programme with pelvic floor and breathing work to reconnect your core to its fullest.

I am Gemma Miles, a women’s health specialist. Call me on 07796696635 to chat about how I can help.

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