If you have never exercised or if you are already of a certain age, the best thing to start the gym is to start slowly and, for this, movement training is the most useful.

Years go by for everyone (and if not, it’s a bad sign), but that doesn’t mean you can’t sign up for

gym even if you have seen the sun 50 times. If you are in this situation or if you have been procrastinating in recent months but want to start the year off on the right foot, maybe the best thing for you is to

movement training.

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strengthening the body, movement training is a mandatory process if you want to try the machines in the gym but have not yet put on sneakers. Or at least that’s what the professionals at RETO48 advised us.

“Movement training helps increase

range of motion in the body, not only at the muscle level but also at the joints. The goal is to achieve greater flexibility and balance and dust the muscles,” Sara Álvarez, co-founder and creator of the RETO48 methodology, assured us.

This type of training is indicated for

all from children and young people to the elderly, and as the expert points out, “in addition to the excellent preparation, among the benefits of doing this type of training is to be able to do.

activities of daily life with greater fluidity and improvement of any musculoskeletal pain. At the level of the brain, the number of neuronal connections can be increased and both hemispheres work together.

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How movement training is done

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Sara Alvarez The ideal is to start slowly and increase the repetitions and weight each week. You can even start with one kilogram dumbbells if you haven’t worked with them yet. she

personal trainer is the one that can best design the perfect table, but in general terms, these types of exercises:

1. Move the wrist drawing small circles on both sides.

2. Make circles back and forth with the arms extended by the sides of the body.

3. Rotate the hips with feet shoulder width apart and stretch the same arm towards where we rotate our hips.

4. Back kick to bend the knees and touch the glutes.

5. Do the cat table position, arch your back supported by your knees and elbows and then stretch it until it is straight.

6. Draw circles with your shoulders.

7. Do deep squats with open knees.

8. Biceps curl with a proper weight that allows you to do 15 repetitions.

9. Lunge back alternating legs.

10. Dumbbell shoulder fly.

11. Simulate a rowing exercise with dumbbells.

12. Stay on one leg and bend the one that does not touch the ground backwards, stop it with your hands. This exercise helps to stretch the ankles and improve balance.

Benefits of movement training

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ACTING Deficiency affects the whole body because muscles stiffen, fascia tissue loses elasticity and our strength, resistance, as well as coordination and balance suffer. And the body always finds a way to

avoid pain so poor movement often leads to poor posture, which leads to a greater risk of injury or even the development of pathologies such as arthritis.

Movement training, practiced in a way

regularly Not only does it reduce muscle tension and improve coordination, but it also reduces the restriction of movement in the joints and ligaments. All this is in favor of a

general development in our posture.

This is

benefit in movement training:

1. Improve your capacity to move

2. Improve the condition of your joints

3. Improves the sliding capacity of your connective tissues (fascia)

4. Expand your radius of action

5. Correcting and preventing improper posture

6. Your training will be more effective

7. The execution of your exercises will be cleaner and, therefore, efficient

8. Increase your well-being

9. It acts as a perfect antidote to the tensions of daily life.

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