He added, “here we are with one of the most beautiful simulation facilities I think we actually have in the province. The operating room simulation suite is the only one we have in the province dedicated specifically to OR’s. So, in that way Medicine Hat is really being trendsetters.”

In the operating room simulations, Randi Galenzoski creates hands-on scenarios that facilitate learning opportunities. The mannequin can mimic having a heart attack, stop breathing and even bleed.

“We can practice what we call low frequency, high fidelity situations that very infrequently happen, but when they do happen, we wanna know exactly how to take care of that patient,” explained Galenzoski.

Galenzoski says simulations can also improve communication between medical workers and patients.

“I always say, ‘if this was your mom, your grandma, you on the table, what kind of care would you want?’ And so this allows us to practice what I would want to see for my family, for myself,” said Galenzoski.

Amanda Dyck, simulation consultant for the provincial eSIM program, says the program has been well-received by medical staff since its establishment.

“We see people’s comfort levels increase as they are in the environment more. And that translates into the clinical environment where they’re more comfortable dealing with those situations in real life,” said Dyck.

Galenzoski hopes it will also increase patient comfort, having patients know their nurses and doctors are working hard to provide high-quality care.

There are 15 other eSIM labs across the province, and the Provincial Simulation Program for Alberta Health Services is hoping to continue building on that.

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