When choosing a sports watch, there are some features that should not be missing. For example, the presence of GPS is essential if you like to train outdoors. Garmin knows a lot about this and that is why it has one of the best smartwatches for athletes at the best price.

Up to 18 days of battery

This Garmin Fenix ​​7X Solar is one of the best sports watches. You will be able to record your heart rate, breathing, stress level and sleep patterns. It also has Heath SnapShot, which is a function that gives you a detailed analysis of how you are doing in two minutes.

If you’re wondering how durable it is, the truth is that it meets all US military standards for durability. shock and water resistance. It has a 1.4-inch screen that is visible even if the sun’s rays reflect directly on it. It also has premium materials, such as stainless steel finishes, reinforced glass and PVD. It is a watch that adapts to all types of lifestyles.

The Garmin Fenix ​​7X Solar is famous for having several training modes, including high intensity, so you can set up different rounds, intervals, and custom workouts. In addition, you can download maps so you don’t need to carry your cell phone with you. The best thing is that it has a connection Wifi to update maps directly from the watch.

As if that were not enough, it will catch your attention that it has a solar charging lens to extend battery life. It can last up to 18 days of use in perfect conditions. It even plays in his favor that he has 16GB storage so you can download applications like Spotify to listen to music directly from your smartwatch.

Of course, it also has Bluetooth so you can pair it with your cell phone or headphones wirelessly. It has a special app so you can upload all your training data and have a detailed record of everything you have done during the day. It is perfect!

Save almost 300 euros

MediaMarkt is sweeping this Cyber ​​Week with crazy prices. This brutal Garmin watch has never had such a low price before. With an incredible 29% discount, its price drops from 849 to 599 euros. The savings are more than considerable taking into account the high-end features and the fact that it is postulated as one of the most brutal sports watches.

Luckily, at MediaMarkt they have free shipping and fast delivery in less than 24 hours. You won’t have time to be impatient and it will arrive just in time for your Christmas gifts. You also have the possibility of picking it up at your nearest store if you prefer a more flexible delivery.

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