Kdrama stars never fail to wow fans with their stellar performance and dedication to portraying a character. From gaining and losing weight, some stars even trained for months to play a specific role. 

These Korean celebrities are not just known for perfectly doing action stunts but are also martial arts junkies. 

Lee Joon Gi

Lee Joon Gi

(Photo : Namoo Actors Official Instagram Account)
Lee Joon Gi

Before captivating viewers with his role as a prosecutor in "Again My Life," Lee Joon Gi earned the moniker "flower boy" icon after landing the role of effeminate clown Gong Jin in the 2005 film "The King and the Clown."

From then on, he managed to become Kdrama's sought-after leading man and continue to impress viewers with his action stunts. 

Interestingly, at a young age, Lee Joon Gi, alongside his sister, was introduced to a lot of combat sports. 

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The "Flower of Evil" star is a blue belt holder for Brazilian jiu-jitsu and a black belt in both taekwondo and taekkyeon. 

Moreover, Lee Joon Gi is also trained in hapkido, a hybrid Korean martial art.

Ha Ji Won

Ha Ji Won

(Photo : News1) Ha JI Won

Besides being an in-demand female lead, Ha Ji Won is also an action queen!

Ha Ji Won often does her stunt without a double, like in the 2012 Kdrama "The King 2Hearts," where she played an instructor for the North Korean Special Forces unit. 

According to an outlet, the actress confidently did her demanding martial arts stunts without a double.

Ha Ji Won has immersed herself in various martial arts, including boxing, kendo, and Korean Buddhist martial art Sunmudo, which also features yoga, chakra breathing, and learning dynamic martial art and weapon techniques.

Jung Hae In

Jung Hae In for Dazed Korea

(Photo : Dazed Korea) Jung Hae In

Don't be fooled by his charming and boy-next-door aura, because Jung Hae In has a black belt in taekwondo! 

The actor once revealed that learning the sport helped him do several action scenes, especially in sageuk (historical dramas). In addition, Jung Hae In noted he went boxing training for three months in preparation for his role in Netflix's "D.P."

Based on the report, the South Korean heartthrob revealed that director Han Jun Hee alongside a martial arts director, "wanted to make sure there were no cuts between the action scenes" and do all the scenes in one take. 

He added, "The acting has to be very realistic. The director didn't call out any cuts, so I wanted to do boxing well."

Jang Hyuk

Jang Hyuk in Bloody Heart

(Photo : KBS) Jang Hyuk

Following his big break in "Windstruck" and "Fated to Love You," viewers often watch Jang Hyuk headline action-packed K-dramas and movies. 

As obtained by an outlet, during his appearance on KBS2's "Weekly Entertainment Live" back in 2020, he revealed that he loves doing action scenes. 

With this, his workout routine includes boxing and doing Jeet Kune Do, a diverse martial art that is heavily influenced and adapted to Bruce Lee's philosophy. 

Park Hyung Sik

Park Hyung Sik in 'Soundtrack #1'

(Photo : Disney Plus Korea Instagram)
Park Hyung Sik

Last but definitely not the least is Park Hyung Sik!

The singer-actor is known for his love of martial arts. In fact, he spent seven years learning kumdo or a modern Korean martial arts similar to Japanese kendo. 

He is also a black belter so there's no surprise how he aced his role in "Hwarang" and "Happiness."

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