Gleenr is a sophisticated software app that sheds light on how a person feels. It is designed in such a way that it ensures the privacy of its users.

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, January 10, 2023 / -- In its bid to further solidify its operations as it gears up for its launch, Gleenr welcomes seasoned executive Kanat Sultanbekov to the team.

The software created by Gleenr is a bridge that connects people worldwide. Also, this software that Gleenr has created gathers information to conclude a person's emotions. Gleenr is a sophisticated emotional mapping software that sheds light on non-verbal cues that can be easily missed through online communication.

The designers of Gleenr looked for a way to give peace of mind and clarity by coming out with information that people can use to draw conclusions about a person or situation.

At its core, Gleenr helps people make better decisions. At one point, everyone needs a little help sorting through a situation. The software can be likened to a trusted friend who offers good advice. It takes a situation and gives a person extra insight based on logic and scientific analysis. As mentioned, it provides peace of mind, which is what Kanat Sultanbekov is quite excited about.

In its commitment to privacy and safety, Gleenr does not archive or use the uploaded videos after results are posted.

The software will be available soon and tracks eye movements and facial muscles. It uses scanning technology tracking four layers deep. The scanned information is applied to an algorithm to determine overall sincerity. It adds moment-to-moment measurements of satisfaction, anger, disgust, stress, excitement, and even neutral ambivalent emotions, which has impressed Kanat Sultanbekov immensely.

In addition, Gleenr tracks physical attributes and changes in heartbeat, breathing, and blood pressure. These physiological factors have long been associated with emotional responses. They can also be a good indicator if something needs to be quite right beneath the surface. A roadmap of these responses can give people a heads-up during delicate situations.

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About Kanat Sultanbekov

Kanat Sultanbekov has over 15 years of experience in construction management. He has, time and again, delivered world-class quality by leading dynamic teams. He focuses on strategic planning, operational processes, and risk assessment to ensure the safety of people on the premises. He also makes sure that the job is done the first time correctly.

Kanat Sultanbekov has also been known to be a skilled construction and project management subject matter expert. He focuses on completing comprehensive and strategic initiatives to ensure high quality.

Today, Kanat Sultanbekov is looking toward expanding his career in a senior leadership role where he can bring his extensive experience in project management, construction, and design.

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