A journey to rediscover full physical well-being that does not only pass through exercise, but also through the care of nutrition and breathing. More generally, the author explains, “the unity between body and mind”. It is the “Jury Code”the title of the latest book by Jury Chechi published by Longanesi (272 pages, € 18.60). Fifty-two years old, from Prato, he was one of the greatest Italian sportsmenfive-time world champion of rings and gold at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. Today the “Lord of the Rings” is an entrepreneur and also dedicates himself to calisthenics, a training that derives from ancient Greece.

What do we find in your “manual”?

«In addition to a first part in which I talk about my life and my career, and a more“ motivational ”part, I explain what calisthenics consists of and I present my formula. In the book, in fact, we propose the path that we have identified together with my collaborators and which allows you to get back into shape within a year by following a specific type of training, the calisthenics, in which free body exercises are provided to improve strength, coordination and endurance using only your own weight. Also perfect for beginners ».

Calisthenics is also called “street gymnastics”.

“I approached it in 2018, I didn’t know him, but in fact when I found out I said to myself: ‘Wow, this comes from gymnastics, these are things we’ve been doing for years.’ And so I started getting interested and finally working on it. It can be practiced by everyone, the problem is that it is often not taught correctly and the risk of getting hurt is just around the corner ».

«To calisthenics work I combine all the principles I talk about in my book, from good nutrition to breathing care, as well as cardio training. In my case, I like the bicycle very much ».

Speaking of calisthenics, during the first lockdown he became a star on social media thanks to the videos of his workouts in the living room.

“I’ve always tried to communicate who I am and people like that, even when I was on TV. What I did during those months was motivated by the desire to really help those who were locked up at home, to stimulate them to move by making my skills available ».

«They tell me that I am an entrepreneur (he smiles, ed). Meanwhile, through the Jury Chechi Academy, I dedicate myself to training sportsmen and calisthenics, then I am moving into the hospitality sector. For years my main activity has been a communication and marketing agency, now we also have two offices ».

“It remained a pleasant relationship. I look at it, I inquire, I have tried to be a protagonist with a more political role, but I have not been elected. In any case, I took it with serenity ».

A few weeks ago she said she would like to help the Ukrainian population. Did you succeed?

«Of course, even if the first project we had in mind was unfortunately stopped because it was too risky, so we turned to something else to give a concrete hand anyway. And that’s not all because we will continue to move. I would like to do even more besides what I have already done and that I keep to myself: I am of the opinion that these are not things to be flaunted around for advertising. If one wants to help these people in difficulty, they should just do it, that’s why I’m not talking about it. Charity is made up of actions and not words ».

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April 10, 2022 | 14:05


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