LAHORE – Rizwana, a young housekeeper who had been tortured by a judge's wife, went under plastic surgery on Wednesday at Lahore General Hospital.

Skin grafting was done by plastic surgeons on facial wounds and around the eyes.

The little girl was moved back to her room after having her head wounds cleaned.

Rizwana's back would also undergo skin grafting, according to Prof. Jaudat Saleem.

At LGH, Rizwana has received medical care for the past 22 days.

The wife of a civil judge tortured a young housemaid, who was originally taken into custody at the DHQ Hospital in Sargodha.

In addition to burn scars, she also had wounds on her head, body, and face.

Later, on July 24, she was transferred in serious condition to the LGH.

Rizwana was identified as having sepsis after a thorough medical evaluation by the Special Medical Board.

According to the medical board, previous wounds exacerbated blood infection and impacted various organs.

Breathing was difficult because of blood clots in one lung and an infection in the other.

At the LGH, her health is progressively getting better.

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