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By Tiasa Bhowal: Do you believe in paranormal activities? Do you think it is possible to get possessed by a spirit? In case the answer to the above questions is yes, you must read this story. A woman shared a terrifying account of how her 7-year-old daughter was allegedly possessed. Initially, the family debunked the theory but apparently, a particular incident changed their minds forever. Her daughter's story was shared on Humans Of Bombay’s official Instagram handle. Her identity has been withheld.

However, the account did not go down well with several users. While some claimed it is concocted and straight out of some Bollywood film, others questioned why such stories are being promoted on social media without proof.

It all started when the family was watching a movie one night and suddenly their daughter collapsed and started shaking. Thinking it to be a seizure, the first reaction was to take her to a hospital. A neighbour offered to carry her but as they were on their way to the hospital, the little girl pushed him and he fell down. It was very unlikely for someone of that age to have such enormous strength. This was when the neighbour suggested this could be something else.

“It took us 6 years to get him out of our daughter’s bodyâ€æIt started when she was just 7. We were watching a movie one night & suddenly she fell on the floor & started shaking. My husband & I were scared – we knew we had to take her to the hospital. A neighbour offered to carry her. But as we made our way to the hospital, our daughter, in a fit, pushed him. He fell. Imagine a 7 year old girl pushing a 6 feet tall man, & him falling to the ground. Later that night, he told us, ‘Your daughter–the strength she had today was not human.’ I felt like I stopped breathing. Our neighbour was very spiritual & learned; what if something was wrong with her? We took his opinion with a pinch of salt. People are so quick to make things up; besides, it was a seizure,” read the woman’s account.

What they debunked as just a superstition was about to come true and their lives changed. “But everything changed when we went to the temple one day. It started harmlesslyâ€æwe had just entered the premises & she started getting cranky. But the closer we got to the temple, the more aggressive she became. When we went in, her eyes were red. I couldn’t even understand what was happening. But someone did– this lady from the temple immediately came ahead & told everyone to leave the place. She locked the door, & it was just usâ€æmy baby was still acting up, but the lady sternly said, ‘What happened? Who are you?’ Initially, she didn’t respond. But the second time she asked, my daughter started speaking – in fluent Gujarati, she doesn’t even know Gujarati. Her voice became a boy’s. And he began talking about how he’d see my girl in the park every day, & how he wanted her to join him. How she tripped that day, & how she got weak enough to control her. How he wanted to take her with him. I was shivering,” her scary account further read.

There was no immediate solution and they had to live like that for 6 years before they could finally get rid of the entity. It was later discovered that the park that her daughter used to frequent was built on a graveyard.

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While the story may seem pretty gripping and real, not everyone was convinced by the account. Several users wrote that since the identity has been withheld and there's no proof of the incident, this could be a misleading or concocted story. "Please post a few proofs. A page with this much influence and audience, especially one that is known for posting true stories, cannot be posting paranormal stories without solid proofs. Keeping the subject anonymous is one thing but posting baseless stories just means that you guys are taking this page in a very different direction. This is highly unethical for a brand that screams truth, or at least used to, till now," a user wrote.

However, the Humans of Bombay clarified their stance with this message. "Please note: This is a true story narrated to our writer by a resident of Bombay. The person however, chose to remain anonymous due to personal reasons," the comment read.

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