In Project Slayers, players can learn inner meditation techniques known as “Breathing Styles”. Each Breathing Style unlocks a special set of skills that allows players to become very powerful.

Today, we’ll be looking at the Thunder Style Breathing, which allows the user to move at lightning speeds and strike with thunder that stuns opponents. Here’s how to get Thunder Style Breathing in Project Slayers.

Getting Thunder Style Breathing in Project Slayers

Before you start your quest to obtain Thunder Breathing, you’ll need to be at least level 12 and have 5,000 Wen in your wallet. The best way to earn experience and Wen in Project Slayers is to complete quests. All quests are repeatable, but they each have 5-minute cooldowns, so you’ll have to rotate between quests.

One quest in particular that’s great for farming Wen is the Betty’s Diamond quest in Ushumaru Village. Betty is standing near the ramp entrance to Ushumaru Village, and every time you find her diamond, she rewards you with 500 Wen.

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Whenever you’re ready, head to Zapiwara Mountain. Use your map to locate it, or just simply head north from Kiribating Village, the starting zone. It’s not that far away—head north until you hit a big mountain side, then climb up it to reach a small house.

Next to the house is an NPC named Jigoro Kuwajima. Talk to him and pay the 5,000 Wen fee, then he’ll task you with several training quests that you must complete to learn Thunder Breathing.

The first test takes place at Butterfly Mansion. Go to the marked area and sit on the stool to start a training session, where you must click or tap on the targets before you run out of time.

Hit the targets as fast as possible, because they will disappear if you take too long. Return to Jigoro when you’re done.

The second test once again happens at Butterfly Mansion. At the marked area, sit on any of the blue mats to begin meditation training. A meter will appear, and a yellow line moves back and forth.

Wait until the yellow line is in the blue box, then tap on the button. Repeat this until the red meter fills up all the way to complete the quest. Once again, head back to Jigoro to get the next quest.

The third test sees you return to Butterfly Mansion one last time. Return to the mats once more, but this time use any of the red mats to start strength training.

Keys and buttons show up at the bottom of the screen, and you must press each key in succession as they appear. Repeat this process until the red meter fills up all the way to complete the quest, then head back to Jigoro.

Thankfully, the fourth test takes place on Zapiwara Mountain itself. Head to the marked area, then stand in one of the yellow circles. Thunder will strike inside the areas indicated by red markers, so dodge them.

You must stay inside the yellow circle and avoid the thunder in order to complete the quest. After you’ve survived for long enough, the quest is done, so return to Jigoro.

For the final test, Jigoro has you face off against his top student, Zanegutsu Kuuchie. He spawns periodically right next to Jigoro, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding him.

As expected, Zanegutsu utilizes powerful Thunder Breathing techniques against you, so be prepared for a fight. Try to dodge his Thunder attacks, and block his regular attacks, then attack once you have your opening.

Once you’ve taken down Zanegutsu, the final test is complete, and Thunder Breathing is officially available to you. Equip your sword, and you’ll notice new Thunder Breathing skills on your hot bar. Enjoy!

That concludes our guide on how to get Thunder Style Breathing in Project Slayers. If you have any other questions or tips, let us know in the comments below!

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