Smartphones have become a huge part of our daily lives. They're everywhere. We use them for communication, entertainment and work, but these pocket-sized computers can do more than meets the eye.

The technology website ZDNet has found some lesser-known things that your phone can do. Smartphones are versatile so when there's something new I can learn that might make my life easier, I'm all about it. Check out a few ideas I stumbled across.


Measure Distance and Level

Most modern smartphones have a gyroscope and accelerometer. These can be used, along with certain apps, to turn your phone into a level or even measure distances.


TV Remote Control

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Infrared Controls

Can't find your TV remote? No worries. Some smartphones come with built-in infrared blasters, thus enabling them to control electronic devices, like televisions and air conditioners, straight from your phone.



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Instant Language Translation

You may already know about language translation apps, but did you know some apps allow real-time translation of conversations? Just hold your phone between two people who speak different languages and the app acts as an interpreter. Super cool.


Doctor holding heart

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Health Diagnostics

With the right apps, your smartphone can monitor your heart rate, your breathing, and even your mental well-being. These apps use the phone's camera and built-in sensors.


Photo: Brad Elliott

Photo: Brad Elliott

Offline Maps

Did you know that you don't always need data or Wi-Fi to access maps? Many map apps allow you to download regions for offline use. This is extremely handy in areas with weak signals.

I've come to find out that smartphones are able to do things way beyond what we might think. Dive in and explore everything you can do. Make life more convenient and connected.

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