Sultan Al Neyadi (archive)

Friday 5 May 2023 / 01:01

Today, Thursday, Emirati astronaut Sultan Al Neyadi succeeded in writing a new chapter in the UAE’s historical achievements as the first astronaut to practice jiu-jitsu during his mission in space from his headquarters at the International Space Station, wearing a jiu-jitsu “kimono” suit.

Sultan Al Neyadi published a 6-minute video clip on his official pages on social media, in which he appeared practicing his favorite sport on the International Space Station, where the clip was circulated widely, and within minutes it received thousands of views and likes from sports fans in the country and around the world. .
During the video clip, Al Neyadi explained the importance of jiu-jitsu, which is considered a basic pillar of physical and physical education in state schools, in enhancing discipline and focus skills, preparing for his historical mission in space exploration, and adapting to various conditions and the lack of gravity in the upper atmosphere.
Al Neyadi said, “I love jujitsu, which I have been practicing for many years, and this sport helped me a lot in preparing for my space mission and adapting to the environment and conditions prevailing on the International Space Station.”
Al-Neyadi recalled the training that took place during the preparation for his space mission, and his use of one of the devices that simulates the conditions and situations faced by astronauts during launch and return, and said in this context: When you are in space, exposure to factors of zero gravity is somewhat similar to the nature of jujitsu fights or feeling With the opponent crouching on my chest, and one of the most important basics of jiu-jitsu that I gained was regulating the breathing process, and I followed that technique while trying the device. There is no doubt that jiu-jitsu contributed to my successful passing of this experience.
Al Neyadi explained that his constant passion for jiu-jitsu is bearing fruit after spending two months on the International Space Station, 420 kilometers above the Earth’s surface.
Al-Neyadi, who celebrates his 41st birthday in space on May 23, added: “Upon arrival at the International Space Station, I was surprised that we mainly use our feet to achieve stability, and one of the basics is to use the toes to achieve stability, and therefore the toes should be used instead of the heels.” And when practicing jujutsu in space, I practice this technique that allows me freedom of movement in all directions and perfect control of my body.”
Al Neyadi continued his talk about the sport of jiu-jitsu and how it helped him prepare physically to walk in space and proceed with making history, commenting on that by saying: “During the practice of jiu-jitsu, we are keen to train the forearms, and this helped me greatly during the extravehicular activities that required me to work for several hours outside the space station.” Internationally, when walking in space, we mainly rely on our forearms, and thanks to my practice of jiu-jitsu for many years and improving the strength of my hands, I was able to accomplish this task smoothly and succeeded in applying many of the lessons that I learned from jiu-jitsu during my experience in the International Space Station.”
Commenting on the historic achievement achieved by Al Neyadi; Abdul Moneim Al Hashemi, President of the UAE Jiu-Jitsu Federation, said: “Our pride in the achievements of Sultan Al Neyadi has no limits, as he succeeded with his courage, intelligence and humility in achieving an achievement that we are proud of and add to our record in the Emirates and to draw inspiration from new achievements for our country, our people and all residents of this good land, and set an example for the world to follow. Arab, the world of sports and put jiu-jitsu on the global map to elevate it from the rug of competition to the stars.
Al Hashemi added, “We wish Sultan Al Neyadi’s return to the homeland safely and successfully completing his space mission. With his achievements, he represents pride for the nation and a good example for the sons and daughters of the Emirates.”

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