BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) - It’s known that first responders band together in a time of need, including for each other’s families. Friday, the Biloxi and Long Beach Police Departments did just that, hosting a fish fry benefit for the Branning Family.

Six-year-old Hendrix Branning was recently diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor that affects his breathing, heart rate and blood pressure.

“It’s sad, very sad. It makes you realize how lucky you are with your family and your kids,” said Long Beach Police Department Chief, Billy Seal.

Branning’s parents serve as officers in the Biloxi and Long Beach police departments.

Biloxi Police Director John Miller said Friday’s event shows how first responders jump to action, not only when the community is in need, but also for their own.

“They’re a great family, they’re a large family. Both of them are great police officers, do a great job, just good people. We know money is going to be a need for them, and we don’t want them to have that need. We’d like to raise as much money as they can so they don’t have to worry about that, and they can concentrate on getting their child well,“ said Miller.

With first responders cooking up more than 170 pounds of shrimp and 350 pounds of fish, they said they’re sure of a sell out.

“The community has a great turn out. You can see the cars lined up back here, going through buying plates. It’s a great feeling to have that much support,” said Miller.

“It’s amazing how much support we get from the community when something like this happens. A lot of times in law enforcement, we only see the bad in people. At times like this, you see how good the community is,” said Seal.

Hendrix had his biopsy surgery on Friday, with the study showing a possible stage 4 blue cell tumor. Right now, the family is staying positive while waiting for the final results.

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