TULSA, Okla. — The heat is top of mind for Tulsans as EMSA extends its medical heat alert.

“It has been miserable,” said Jason Cole. “We try to get everything done before noon, and the rest of the day, just hang tight in the air conditioner.”

Jason Cole got to the park near 41st and Riverside early Friday morning. With the sun high in the sky and sweltering temperatures, Cole wanted to spend some time outdoors but didn’t want to overheat.

“We tried to get here before the heat got too terrible,” said Cole.

The park was pretty full of people walking, biking, and running.

“I’ve been freezing my ice water, putting it in my ice chest,” said Mike Grisham. “It keeps my lunch cold a little bit.”

EMSA says on Thursday, medics responded to 5 heat-related illness calls in the Tulsa area. All 5 of those people were taken to the hospital because of their symptoms.

Doctors say those symptoms range from moderate to severe.

“You start cramping,” said Dr. Jason Lepak with Ascension Medical Group. “You’re getting thirsty. You’re starting to sweat.”
“You have a very dangerous high body temperature, usually over 103,104 degrees,” said Dr. Lepak. “Racing heart rate. difficulty breathing.”

Dr. Jason Lepak with Ascension Medical Group says the heat can be deadly. You’ll want to use extreme caution when spending tie outdoors. Stay hydrated.

“Just lots of water,” said Cole. “Stay in the shade as much as you can.”

Also, check on your elderly loved ones and people with pre-existing conditions.

The EMSA Medical Heat Alert that was issued on June 19 is now extended through this Sunday, July 2nd.

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