At the sea you sunbathe, swim, relax and in the meantime the well-being of our body improves. How come? Because sea water is good for your health: with all its therapeutic properties, it is a miraculous potion for our body. For example, it promotes circulation, stimulates metabolism, helps breathing and reduces blood pressure.

Do you know why sea water is good for health?

These and more of his multiple qualities they can help us get back on track if we are stressed or fatigued: here are which parts of the body benefit the most.

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Respiratory system

The iodine present in sea water and the one that evaporates dispersing in the air is an essential substance for our body; it helps to solve respiratory problems and unblock particularly slow metabolisms. A classic method to take it in sufficient quantities to have benefits (150-200 micrograms per day) is to take long baths in salt water and walks along the seafront.


Seawater has always been used to combat skin problems, from eczema to psoriasis. Thanks to its mineral characteristics, in particular the presence of sodium, salt water disinfects and purifies the pores also giving our epidermis a healthier appearance. Furthermore, while we are in the water, our tissues are oxygenated, leaving the skin brighter.

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Muscular system

Bathing and swimming are activities that engage all our muscles, stimulating their recovery and reducing rheumatism. Even barefoot fitwalking on the shore (even better the one done with your calves immersed in the sea that take advantage of the resistance of the waves) is an excellent pastime for exercising the muscles of the legs and buttocks.

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Blood pressure and circulation

When you dive into the sea, our circulation is activated and blood pressure is lowered. Furthermore, the draining effect of water, due to the fact that its pressure is greater than that of air, helps to prevent and reduce water retention and swelling.

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