A key moment in the new Ahsoka trailer features Darth Vader's breathing, a potential tease that could be huge for the upcoming Star Wars series. Set during the New Republic era, former Jedi Ahsoka Tano is searching for the Imperial Remnant's Grand Admiral Thrawn after reuniting with key allies from the animated Star Wars Rebels series. However, there may be glimpses into her past, including a major flashback involving Darth Vader himself.



As seen in the second Ahsoka trailer, two references are made to Ahsoka's former master Anakin Skywalker. The first comes from Ahsoka when she compares walking away from training Mandalorian Sabine Wren to walking away from Anakin and her Jedi path just before the end of The Clone Wars. The second is made by one of Ahsoka's new villains named a Baylan Skoll, a former Jedi himself who seemingly knew Anakin before the rise of the Empire. However, Darth Vader is also referenced in the new Ahsoka trailer with his perpetually iconic breathing.

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When You Can Hear Darth Vader's Breathing In The Ahsoka Trailer

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Darth Vader's breathing can be heard right after Baylan Skoll tells Ahsoka that Anakin spoke highly of her, confirming not only his connection to Skywalker but to the fallen Jedi Order as well. The implication is that he was once a Jedi, existing as a dark mirror to Ahsoka herself. Heard at the 1:45 mark, Darth Vader's breathing casts a dark shadow over Ahsoka who responds by saying she hadn't come to talk about her past.

That being said, Ahsoka may not have a choice in her upcoming Star Wars show when it comes to facing her past darkness and pain. Several gaps in her history need to be resolved, a fact that will likely manifest through flashbacks as Ahsoka reconciles with her past to move forward. This includes what happened to Ahsoka following her duel with Darth Vader as seen in Star Wars Rebels with her refusal to leave him on Malachor after confirming that he was her old master who'd been corrupted by the dark side of the Force.

Ahsoka Is Haunted By The Shadow Of Darth Vader - Will He Appear?

Ahsoka in the Ahsoka trailer and Darth Vader in Rogue One

Star Wars Rebels made the clear implication that Ahsoka carries guilt for Anakin's fall as she wasn't there to help him avoid corruption during Revenge of the Sith. These feelings have likely remained with Ahsoka despite the years that have passed. As such, a flashback recreating Ahsoka's duel with Darth Vader in live-action would be huge, especially if it opens the new Ahsoka show which begins streaming on August 23rd. Conversely, the opportunity for Ahsoka to speak with a redeemed Anakin as a Force ghost would be massively compelling as well, potentially serving as the ending for Ahsoka's first season.

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