COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) – Summer is here, which means more people are headed to cool off at the pool.

Certified CPR trainer Markita Love says swimming is not the only time you can use CPR training.

“It’s summertime, everyone doesn’t know how to swim, the temperatures are getting hotter and hotter, someone could have a heat stroke, and c-pr can be used for that as well,” says Love.

So, we decided to learn what to do if you encounter someone who needs to be revived.

“You want to check out the person to see if they are breathing. You are going put your hand here, hear their breathing, check to see if their chest is rising and falling,” says Love as she demonstrates the technique of CPR.

Once administering the compressions, it’s time to breathe.

“Tilt the chin up, and you’re going to blow in and make sure that chest rises,” says Love.

If help has not arrived yet, you can try an automated external defibrillator, commonly known as an AED.

“When you do this, all you do is press the button, and it gives you all the instructions. It tells you everything what to do,” says Love.

By completing that action, hopefully, that life can be saved.

At the American Red Cross, they try to offer classes to help people get trained and certified.

“When someone experiences a heart attack for every minute they are delayed, it cost them 10 percent chance of survival,” says Adelidie Kirk, Executive Director.

“You never know what can happen, even in the household or outside your household. The first thing with CPR is saving a life,” says Love.

Here is a link to the American Red Cross and training for CPR.

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