The study also mentions how “geomagnetic and solar influences affect a wide range of human behavioral and health outcomes with the nervous and cardiovascular systems being the most clearly impacted.” Further, with respect to hormone changes, it mentions that “It appears that sharp or sudden variations in geomagnetic and solar activity as well as geomagnetic storms can act as stressors, which alter regulatory processes such as melatonin/serotonin balance, blood pressure, breathing, reproductive, immune, neurological, and cardiac system processes.”
The study also talks about how disturbances in geomagnetic activity have been linked to the worsening of pre-existing health conditions and research indicating a connection between heightened geomagnetic activity and significant increases in cardiac arrhythmia, cardiovascular disease, incidents of myocardial infarction-related mortality, alterations in blood flow, elevated blood pressure, and occurrences of epileptic seizures.

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