If you want to buy memantine, here you have the opportunity to choose from different variants of the Ebixa brand. Most people probably associate memantine with the treatment of people with Alzheimer’s dementia, since it was developed specifically for them. Older people with forgetfulness are often associated with this clinical picture. Alzheimer’s dementia cannot be cured. Certain anti-dementia drugs, including memantine, can at least delay the course of the disease somewhat. Occasionally Memantine is also used by healthy people to improve mental performance.

We would like to point out that if Alzheimer’s dementia is suspected in seniors, therapy without a doctor’s prescription should under no circumstances be considered. So do not buy memantine to give to someone you care about! Our offer is only for adults who want to take the drug for themselves. If someone you care for might have dementia, take them to the doctor.

Memantine also has the reputation of being a good neuro-enhancer outside of dementia therapy. People who are exposed to high levels of stress at work or at university occasionally use memantine to improve their concentration. However, the study situation on this is rather sparse, so that a comprehensive evaluation of this application is very difficult.

The drug should be taken regularly and, if possible, at the same time of the day, regardless of meals. The recommended time for taking it is in the evening before going to bed if side effects such as dizziness and tiredness occur.

If taken for a long time without a medical reason, the effects can change and the side effects become more prominent. Very common side effects of memantine are drowsiness, dizziness, balance disorders, high blood pressure, breathing problems, constipation, headaches and increased liver values. If you buy memantine without a prescription in our shop, please read and follow the instructions in the leaflet. Be careful not to overdose on the drug.

It is important to keep memantine out of the reach of children and away from heat. It must not be passed on to other people.

Some of the products offered here are imported from Spain. Therefore, the active ingredient on the packs is called “Memantina”. This is the Spanish name for the active ingredient. However, it is identical to the ingredient in the Ebixa brand tablets, which are also regularly sold in pharmacies in Germany and Austria.

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