New Delhi [India], April 18 (ANI/SRV): YugasaBot, the leading healthcare chatbot of India, has made it possible to check the body vitals just by a face scan through one of its latest features it has rolled out last week. Checkout the video demonstration of this feature on the below Youtube link: Through the monitored use of this latest feature of YugasaBot, health organisations will be able to utilize facial scanning technology in near future to provide real-time monitoring of vital signs at a very low cost and in a hassle-free manner, says Vivek Mittal, Founder of YugasaBot.

Facial scanning technology has been developed to measure certain physiological parameters, such as heart rate, respiration rate, and blood oxygenation levels, by analyzing changes in the color of the skin and the movement of blood vessels beneath the skin's surface. This technology is based on the principle of photoplethysmography (PPG), which involves using light to measure blood flow and other vital signs.

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YugasaBot employs vision-based real-time vital sign monitoring through which patients can monitor their heart rate, breathing rate, and oxygen saturation. Together, facial scanning technology and natural language processing provide consumers with a rich user experience by allowing them to communicate and assess their vital signs directly on WhatsApp, added Ashish Mittal, Co-Founder YugasaBot.

Gone are the days of buying expensive BP checkup machines or pricking your body with needles to check body sugar. AI is growing bold enough to help you know your vitals in less than a minute without undergoing costly and painful procedures. Just imagine how convenient would it be to have an AI-enabled Virtual Assistant communicating with you right on WhatsApp and telling you your vitals through a simple facial scan.

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Healthcare firms today invest a lot of money in research into how artificial intelligence might enable them to better their services and provide the highest level of customer satisfaction. Due to the lack of active interaction between patients and providers, the majority of healthcare organizations have a docile relationship with their patients when it comes to communication. Mobile applications were expected to be a working digital solution to overcome this problem and to stay connected with patients. But the inability of the apps to offer a good user experience or inertia among users to install another 'On Demand' app on their phones led mobile apps to fail in satisfying the need of the users. YugasaBot aims to solve this gap by offering conversational healthcare for a personalized proactive experience.

While this technology shows promise as a non-invasive and contactless method for monitoring vital signs, it is still in the early stages of development and has some limitations. For example, facial scanning may not be able to detect certain health conditions that affect vital signs, and accuracy can be affected by factors such as lighting conditions, skin tone, and facial hair. The platform does not offer this feature for the end users as of now to test their vitals on their own using YugasaBot. It is made for health organisation to use it only under the confirmed supervision of qualified practitioners to monitor the accuracy of the test results and adopt it down the line as the intelligence of the platform grows.

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