The Border Security Force (BSF) has once again demonstrated its unwavering commitment to serving the people, by providing prompt medical aid to an elderly woman suffering from a breathing problem. The incident occurred on March 2, 2023, in the area of ​​Border Out Post Shikarpur, 86 Battalion, under South Bengal Frontier.
Jura Bala Mandal (65), a resident of Shikarpur village, suddenly developed high blood pressure, which resulted in difficulty breathing. The woman’s relatives immediately sought help from the Shikarpur Company Commander, who wasted no time in dispatching a BSF ambulance along with a nursing assistant to the woman’s house. The team quickly transported Jura Bala Mandal to Karimpur Government Hospital, where she received immediate medical treatment. Because of the timely intervention of the BSF, the woman’s condition is now stable and out of danger.

The family members of Jura Bala Mandal expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the Border Security Force for their swift and selfless action in providing medical assistance to their loved one. They emphasized that without the timely intervention of the BSF, the situation could have taken a much more serious turn.

The spokesperson of South Bengal Frontier applauded the BSF jawans for their social responsibility and commitment to serving the people. He stated that the BSF not only ensures the security of the international border but also stands ready to assist the people in any way possible, with a deep sense of devotion and responsibility.

Source: BSF

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