August 8, 2023


Indoor air quality is a crucial consideration for professional and collegiate athletes who prioritize their wellness. Tony Abates, Chief Technology Officer at AtmosAir Solutions, explains how their comprehensive air purification system, known as atmosphere bipolar ionization, addresses various air contaminants. From reducing particulates that can irritate respiratory systems to inactivating viruses and bacteria, this technology is becoming a game-changer for sports facilities. Teams like the Minnesota Vikings, Dallas Cowboys, USC, and UCLA have already adopted Atmosair’s sports wellness solutions, recognizing the significant impact of clean and purified air on athletes’ performance and health.

Now, let’s hear from Tony Abate, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at AtmosAir Solutions, as he shares more insights into their cutting-edge air purification technology and its impact on sports wellness on Game Changers.

Tony’s Thoughts:

“My name is Tony Abates. I’m the Chief Technology Officer for AtmosAir. AtmosAir is a company that offers air purification solutions and also indoor air quality monitoring.

It’s important for indoor air quality to be considered amongst professional and collegiate sports wellness initiatives for the athletes.

Athletes breathe more often than they do anything. They’re very concerned about everything that they bring into their bodies. So, of course, air has to be considered very critically. And there are lots of things we can do to improve the air quality that we breathe. The atmosphere bipolar ionization is a very comprehensive solution.

It addresses reducing particulates, things that get into our respiratory systems, especially in highly trained athletes that can cause irritations and also illness.

It breaks down gaseous contaminants called volatile organic compounds that can add to irritating air quality, hard to breathe air, and also odorless air. And then it also inactivates micro things like viruses and bacterias and molds that can spread throughout facilities and cause people to become ill.

AtmosAir has been working for many years with the head athletic trainers and different people in the training staff of many organizations, really talking about how important it is to consider that air quality and the solutions that we can offer. And we’ve gotten lots of traction and lots of adoptions through many years in places like locker rooms, training facilities, stadiums, arenas, and all sorts of areas where athletic performances occur.

Some of the teams that use our technology: the U.S. Bank Stadium has AtmosAir’s technology throughout the entire stadium, but also the Minnesota Vikings who play there have installed our technology in their training facility. We’ve been a long time provider to the Dallas Cowboys in their training facility. We’ve worked with, top colleges like USC and UCLA.

We have arenas like Little Caesar’s arena in Detroit, the Arena in Los Angeles with all those teams that play in those arenas are breathing the atmosphere technology and many, many, many other teams and organizations that again, have understood the importance of air quality and are taking advantage of our technology and all the benefits that it can bring.”

Article written by Cara Schildmeyer.

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